Let's Talk About Our BullyFriends

The Natural State

Despite the superb reputation of the Ozark Mountains and bountiful wildlife, Arkansas has contempt for Pitbulls.

Arkansas is a part of the several states along the Mississippi River that enforce BSL (Breed Specific Legislation). In fact, there are over 20 counties in Arkansas that's enforcing BSL today!

The Grand Canyon State

On May 16, 2016, governor Doug Ducey signed the Senate Bill 1248 which allowed preemption laws.

Arizona became the 20th state to ban breed specific legislation.

In Senate Bill 1248, Arizona cities or towns may regulate the control of dogs if the regulation is not specific to any breed.


11,623 Native Alaskans Can’t be Wrong!

Hurray for Alaska!! 11,623 Native Alaskans Can’t be Wrong!

It’s not surprising that Alaska does not enforce BSL (Breed Specific Legislation), with such a historical foundation for the love of dogs.

Native Alaskans are known for raising their dogs for protection and transportation throughout the land.



The skies are not always blue for a lot of Pitbull Owners in Alabama and here’s why:  

There are several counties in ALABAMA that are enforcing BSL. Some believe the definition of a vicious dog alone is a PITBULL. How fair is that? Any dog put in the wrong social environment can become vicious, right?

How long does the pit bull breed live?

How long does the pit bull breed live?

The pit-bull breed average lifespan for a happy pup, usually last about 15 years!!! How cool is that? Any pet with a long history in the family for that many years is considered family. However, when it comes to our bully friends, they are not given that amount of time. According to BSL laws, pit bulls are amongst the breeds that are restricted to receive that opportunity. In most states, unwanted pit bulls await their demise as they are already selected to be euthanasia even if someone is willing to love them. A lot of people are under the impression...