How long does the pit bull breed live?

The pit-bull breed average lifespan for a happy pup, usually last about 15 years!!! How cool is that? Any pet with a long history in the family for that many years is considered family. However, when it comes to our bully friends, they are not given that amount of time. According to BSL laws, pit bulls are amongst the breeds that are restricted to receive that opportunity. In most states, unwanted pit bulls await their demise as they are already selected to be euthanasia even if someone is willing to love them. A lot of people are under the impression that pit bulls are unpredictable, aggressive and untamable and should no longer be a safe breed to domesticate. That is far from the truth! Did you know that the Pitbull was once trusted to serve in the United States Army during WWI? Yup! German Shepherds are not the only one to boast about when it comes to dog heroes. Sergeant Stubby was an American bulldog-terrier mix aka “Pitbull” who saved his whole unit from a mustard gas attack. He also caught a German spy and held him captive until the American team arrived to detain him. There were never any complaints about Sergeant Stubby being untamable. He was very protective of the people he formed a healthy bond with. So clearly, Pitbulls can be an active defensive against predators, and at the same time love very much, what dog breed doesn’t have these tendencies? The root of aggression from most Pitbulls indeed comes from the people who influence them to be aggressive to carry out their own agenda. It is not the breed, it is the people who do this. Should Pitbulls really be blamed for being chosen to carry out their superiors bad choices?



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