About Us

 We are a pet store that offers different kind of pet accessories via online. Although our products are available for all type of breeds, our mission is exclusively dedicated to advocating the pit bull. Our goal is to grow eventually and while doing so, share stories and information about any families who’ve been affected by the BSL (breed specific legislation) laws across the country. We want to help people understand that it’s sincerely not the breed that is vicious but the horrible social environments that pit bulls are often bond too, such as, dogfighting.

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If you would like to submit your personal testimony of being a pit bull owner on our website, please email a brief story and pictures at customer_relations@pitblovers.com. By doing so, you are granting Pitblovers permission to use your stories and photos to share on our social media platforms. Remember that we are these beautiful dogs VOICE. Most pit bull lovers can agree, pit bulls are a part of the family, and we desire to share the love for them with you.